Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions about Otiam

These FAQs are provided for informational purposes only and should not be relied upon exclusively or considered representations or warranties of any kind. Please refer to the GitHub repository and other resources for more detailed information.

1. What is Otiam and How is Otiam different than other Real Estate ICOs?

Otiam is focusing on hotels and tourism industry by building resorts, and not focusing on other traditional real estate investing such as buying and selling homes (a.k.a. house flipping), because of constant cash flow.Otiam brings to the table a brand new and innovative means of getting involved in real estate using our keywords of integrity, transparency, and industry expertise.Otiam is one platform applying expert industry savvy alongside specialized local knowledge. What Otiam does is to offer any human regardless of boundary and income classes the opportunity to invest in real estate especially in hotel and tourism project.Please refer to whitepaper for more info.

2. What are the obstacles to investing real estate ?

Bribery and corruption, high tax, liquidity, and lack of transparency to name few.Please refer to Whitepaper for more info.

3. What is Otiam trying to accomplish ?

Otiam platform allow anyone the ability to invest in real estate safely by utilizing the smart contract without worrying about lack of transparency and corruption, etc…Anyone will be able to purchase tokens and enjoy its full benefits stated in whitepaper as token holders.

4. What are OTM tokens ?

OTM Tokens are ERC20- standard tokens that will be used to facilitate transactions within Otiam’s Ecosystem.

5. Where will Otiam Resorts be built ?

Otiam’s management team have earmarked several locations for development in countries with the most robust and sustainable economy. All progress will be updated on the web and social media we work and grow together. First project is set for ground breaking begin in 2019

6. Does Otiam have a mobile app ?

Yes. It is being develop in both IOS and Android. It will launch per schedule.

7. Will OTM tokens be listed on a public exchange?

Yes. It is in the work and OTM token will be listed in about two weeks after completion of crowd sale. Please follow us on tweeter and telegram for more update.

8. Do I have to wait for the ICO to complete to sell or transfer my tokens?

Yes. All tokens will be available for trading and transfer as soon as we list it on an exchange

9. Do I have to use an exchange?

No. However, you do have to wait for OTM token to be listed on an exchange for trading. Please keep in mind that whatever tokens you purchased during the crowd sale are yours to keep. Therefore, tokens can be transferred to any individual or group as long as their receiving wallet is ERC20 compatible Ethereum wallet.

10. What currency are accepted?

Bitcoin (BTC) , Bitcoin cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC)

11. I love to get in so is there a minimum and maximum investment limit?

The minimum number of 200 OTM tokens and the maximum number of 100,000 OTM tokens for purchase per account. This is done to make the investment available to everyone and limit the potential for “pump and dump” scheme

12. Can I send BTC, ETH, BCH, and LTC from an exchange ?


13. What is OTM token smart contract address?

Smart Contract Address: 0x9bd1a4dcd69dbaa88003b923d9a424158c39f56c

14. Can I use a wallet from an exchange to store OTM token?

No. Please use ERC20 compatible Ethereum wallet only. You can create one for free at . If you need further assistant, please contact [email protected]

15. What is the total token supply?

There will only be 38,689,000 OTM tokens in total supply. Once it is sold, it’s gone. No further token will be minted. Please refer to OTM Whitepaper for complete info